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Church Services

In response to requests made to all churches by the Provincial government, our church has suspended on-site services for the time being.

We hope to reopen soon. Please check here for future updates.

On April 1st, 2020, we will be holding our Wednesday evening testimony meeting as a telephone conference call.
This will be an informal meeting. There will be no music other than a prelude.
(We are experimenting with ways in which we can improve upon the presentation and content of the meeting, so future meetings may have music, but for now the hymns will simply be read.)
As usual, the meeting will begin at 7:30 PM.
  • If you would like to join us, simply call 647-374-4685 before 7:30 PM.
  • You will be asked to enter the Meeting ID. Just enter: 4069 7319 03, followed by the # key.
  • You will also be asked for a Participant ID "if you have one". You do NOT have one. So just press # again.

Once you join the meeting you will be temporarily placed "on hold" for a short period of time. Then you will be admitted into the meeting.
Everyone will be placed on Mute as they enter the meeting so that others cannot hear room sounds from your location.

If you are using a speaker phone or have your cell phone in "Speaker" mode please be sure that the volume is not set too high. That can cause feedback during the testimony period when you are unmuted.

During the testimony period, everyone will be unmuted so that we can hear you if you would like to share a testimony.
If you find that there is excessive noise at your location (sirens?, dog barking?) during the testimony period, please mute yourself until you would like to speak.
To mute yourself just press *6 on your telephone keypad.
If (after muting yourself) you decide to give a testimony, be sure to unmute yourself (also *6) before you speak.
(Thank you for your cooperation.)

If you suddenly hear a dial tone during the meeting you will know that you have been disconnected. If that happens, simply hang up and dial in again.
You will then be readmitted to the meeting.

If you hear unexpected silence during the meeting the source of the sound (the Reader? a testifier?) may have inadvertantly become muted. Rest assured we are working to resolve the problem.
Wait a few moments and the sound should be restored.

After the final hymn everyone will be unmuted. Feel free to greet your fellow participants.

(If you need further assistance during the call send a text to 416-579-4668.)

"...Emerge gently..."
Our technical staff begs your patience and tolerance in advance. The technology is not 100% reliable and all of us (you too?) are still in learning mode.

Each Sunday morning, Christian Science churches around the world hold church services for their communities. The services are centered around a sermon comprised of a weekly Bible Lesson read from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Sciptures by Mary Baker Eddy. If you join us, you will find singing, music, prayer and inspiration.

We have Sunday School classes for young people up to the age of 20, where teachers and students discuss ideas related to the Bible, the challenges of daily living and God's everpresent love for man.

On Wednesday evenings we hold testimony meetings where you will hear readings from the Bible and from Science and Health based on a theme of interest to our community. In addition, some of those present will tell of healings and insights they've experienced through prayer and their study of the Bible and their progress in understanding God.

Our church holds Sunday morning church services and Sunday school at 11:00AM and Wednesday evening testimony meetings on Wednesday evenings at 7:30PM. You are always welcome to join us.

On Thanksgiving Day in Canada (October 12th, 2020) we will hold a Thankgiving Service at 10:30AM.

At a Glance:
Sunday Service - 11:00AM
Sunday School - 11:00AM
Wednesday Evening Meeting - 7:30PM
Thankgsgiving Day Service - 10:30AM

Free parking is always available in our parking lot during our services. Limited on-street parking is also available in the area.


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See our directory for information about other Christian Science churches and societies in Ontario or elsewhere in the world:

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